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Cattle Sales Report - 25th June 2020

Posted on 25/06/2020 by

A nice sale of cattle at the mart today with a very strong trade for all classes of cattle. Good quality store cattle selling extremely well.

Beef Bullocks over 600Kgs €620 to €860 over €/kg
Forward Store Bullocks over 500Kgs €550 to €725 over €/kg
Store Bullock over400 Kgs €400 to €575 over €/kg
Store Bullock over 300Kgs €340 to €570 over €/kg
Beef Heifers over 500Kgs €480 to €700 over €/kg
Store Heifers over 400Kgs €415 to €560 over €/kg
Fat Cows €250 to €540