Sales at Blessington Mart.

Sheep Sales Every Tuesday starting from 10.30am
Calf Sales Every Thursday starting from 11.00am
Cattle Sales Every Thursday starting from 11.30am
Special Autumn Weanling & Suckler Cow Sales From September onwards
Weanling Show & Sale
Suffolk Breeding Ewes & Lambs Show & Sale
Cheviot Breeding Ewes & Lambs Show & Sale
Monster Ram Sale 
Pedigree Sheep Sales
Friday - 31st July 2020 Suffolk Sheep Society Show
(South of Ireland Branch)
Saturday - 1st  August 2020 Suffolk Sheep Society Premier Sale
(South of Ireland Branch)
Friday -  14th August 2020 Texel Show 
Saturday  - 15th August 2020
Texel Premier Sale
Saturday - 5th September 2020 Ryan  - Donohoe Sale
(Cross-bred Ewes & Ped. Rams)
Saturday - 26th September 2020
NSBA Multi Breed Sale 
Saturday  -  Cheviot Premier Sale
Forthcomming proposed Pedigree Ewe Sales  
 Saturday - Ladies First Sale - In-lamb Charollais Ewes and a selection of Ewe Lambs followed by Dispersal Sale of the renowned  Power Pack Flock of Hampshire Downs

Saturday - 

Annakisha, Blackwater, Clyda,  Shannagh, Castleisle, Barrowlands, Glyde & Malinhead Flocks (Suffolk)      

Saturday - 28th November 2020
All Star Suffolk Sale 

Saturday  -  5th December 2020 Chessy, Foundry, Lawn, Annakisha, Emlach, Donnelly & Thornvill Texel Flocks
Special Cattle Sales  
Monday -  26th October 2020 Pedigree & Commercial Shorthorn Sale