Sales at Blessington Mart.

Sheep Sales Every Tuesday starting from 10.30am
Calf Sales Every Thursday starting from 11.00am
Cattle Sales Every Thursday starting from 11.30am
Special Autumn Weanling & Suckler Cow Sales From September onwards
Weanling Show & Sale 21st September 2018
Suffolk Breeding Ewes & Lambs Show & Sale 14th August 2018
Cheviot Breeding Ewes & Lambs Show & Sale 11th September 2018
Monster Ram Sale  9th October 2018
Pedigree Sheep Sales
Saturday  11th August 2018
Texel Premier Sale
Saturday 1st September 2018 Ryan  - Donohoe Sale 
Saturday 15th September 2018
 Lleyn Society Sale
Saturday 29th  September 2018
NSBA Multi- Breed Sale
Saturday 6th October 2018 Cheviot Premier Sale
Forthcomming proposed Pedigree Ewe Sales  

Saturday 17th November 2018

Annakisha, Gleyba,  Shannagh, Castleisle, Barrowlands Flocks (Suffolk)

Saturday 24th November 2018
All Star Suffolk Sale - Carragh, DeBurca, Errigal with guest consignments from Beechbrook & Mountford  Flocks

Saturday 8th December 2018 Chessy, Foundry, Lawn, Annakisha, Emlach & Guests - Thornville & Ballyglass with dispersal sale of Bailey's Flock (Texel)
Special Cattle Sales  
Monday 29th October2018 Pedigree & Commercial Shorthorn Sale